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No Wedding? No Problem?

You don't have to be walking down the aisle to have a glam session! Many non bridal clients come in to the studio for

-birthday looks


-formal event

-baby shower

-wedding related events (bridal shower, bachelorette)

Don't see what you need? No worries! Whatever the occasion, I'd love to glam with you.

you ready for a little glam?

I offer 3 glam styles! Scroll down to see a visual example of each look!

Natural: $85

Soft Glam: $100'

Full Glam: $125

Natural Glam: This is a very light application. Typically done with no shadows or liner, mascara, a nude lip, and no contour/facial enhancing. This is perfect for kids or teens, corporate looks for headshots or business related on camera engagements.

Soft Glam: This look is elevated from natural. This is perfect for the bride who doesn’t want too much. Also a perfect fit if you want to look like you have makeup on without it being too much. Tends to be done with more neutral and/or pink colors, soft blush and/or bronzer, soft lashes and a beautiful skin finish. Perfect for photographed events.

Full Glam: This look is an overall top elevated glam! This is great for that wow factor. This is for the bride who wants it all, or the girl that isn’t afraid to stand out. This look often includes full contouring, smokey eyes, glitter, and more! This look is the works and anything that makes for a bold statement.

Visual Examples

Erica Branding Teaser 5.JPEG

Natural Glam

Soft Glam

Full Glam

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