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Get to know me!

Originally from Virginia Beach, currently in Richmond, but my heart belongs in Paris. I live strictly in tones of blushes, golds, creams, blacks & whites. I am a lover of all things pretty. I've been a makeup artist since 2012. I absolutely love transforming someone's outer beauty to match their inner. I am a strong believer in enhancing your best features and making you feel like a Queen. I have a lot of experience with on set photo shoots, weddings, and headshots. I also have worked frequently with various races, facial shapes, and skin textures.

I spend my professional time on set working fashion and print editorials, on tv and film sets, getting my clients ready for their wedding days and in my studio for day to day glam events!

I love the beauty industry, and pride myself on not only being an artist, but also being able to educated my clients and other artists on products and processes to strengthen their skills and knowledge!

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