Remember It's Always A Choice

“That looks like a collection from Target.” A friend of mine gave me the compliment that my new branding items look like a target collection. I wanted to die when he said that. (In a good way, dont worry) That compliment speaks to what my aspirations are. That speaks to the caliber of work that I have strived for so long to reach. I would love more than anything to design decor for a large retail company. Compliments like that just remind me that I am on the right path to accomplishing my goals. Even if I never make it into Target, I am still so proud of myself. I work a lot day in and day out and sometimes self care is hard to incorporate because I don’t want to take a minute to stop. Today I have a lot of things on my to do list. I have been ripping and running all day. It’s almost 3 and I realized I haven’t eaten yet.

Originally I thought to treat myself to lunch but just get it to go so I can get to my next appointment. Simultaneously I read a post on a fellow blogger’s insta and she said “Found myself super overwhelmed today with obligations.” She listed 4 things she did to release her stress. The third thing really stuck out to me. She said, “What can I eliminate from my schedule? What emails and texts can wait to be responded to? How can I prioritize what I truly want to do first? Remember it’s always a choice!” I stopped immediately after reading that and agreed. It’s a choice. Everything has deadlines and timelines, I’m always in constant communication with clients and friends. Always on my phone, iPad, or computer working, planning to work, or submitting work. I told myself, “you can prioritize what you want to do right now.” My next appointment is important but it’s flexible. I decided that I deserved an unrushed, uninterrupted lunch. Would I still work on something? Absolutely! But it would be something for me. Blogging is so fun because it isn’t due. There is no client’s vision being considered. I can start, stop, come back to it, and delete it and start over whenever I want. I was seated in a room that I have all to myself with the prettiest view. I curated this space to be a place that I love, no matter what I am doing. I’m relaxing. I am doing something for myself. No it doesn’t involve a spa day, bath bombs, or an expensive facial. However, I still feel relaxed. I’m indulging in something that makes me happy while still being concious of my goals. I am taking a moment to enjoy my own presence, and still catering to my need to create. So as I finish my food, I’m going to happily scroll through Pinterest and dream a little, while enjoying my space and silence. Self care is the best care. But don’t worry, i’ll be back to work soon!


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