If You Wanna Glow Right, Order Matters!

Hey girl hey! Welcome to inside my beauty filled mind! I am forever getting asked, how do you do brows, what brushes should I get, how to become a FT MUA, what are my favorite products, and everything in between! So I figured let's create a space that you can go to get all your answers. This first post is going to be pretty simple, and I am going to go through some suggestions for my fave skin care products and routine tips.

When building a skin care routine, products matter for sure but the key to successful routines is what order you use your products in.

When layering your products start with a CLEANSER. Be careful to ensure your cleanser is made for your specific skin type. I know we love those microdermabrasion cleansers because it feels like we are really getting in there, however they are removing those dead skin cells and if you use it everyday you aren't giving those cells time to really replenish. It's best to use those cleansers once every few weeks.

After we are all cleansed, grab your favorite TONER. If you are like me, and want effective, inexpensive, and convenience in your products, look in your kitchen! I know, I know... it sounds crazy, but trust me. Toner is important when tightening those pores and removing the last bits of that bacteria and dirt after washing your face. Our kitchens have some of the best ingredients to tone that beautiful skin of yours! Cucumbers, lemon juice, and green tea are amazing for my oily skin babes! Rose water, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Aloe Vera are perf for dry skin.

Next up, it's SERUM time! So we all know there are 10million serums on the market. They are everywhere, with so many mixtures, types, and everything in between. When choosing a serum find one that claims to do just what you need it to. Secondly, think of your skin type. If you have oily and acne-prone skin, find something with salicylic acid and retinols, as well as rosehip seed oil. For mature and/or dry skins, try something with hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C.

Time for EYE CARE. So IN MY OPINION, I roll my eyes at all these eye creams and things on the market. There's no proven systems that 100% work, but if you find one you like, go for it! I am all about a cold press to reduce puffiness and keep it moving.

Last up we have to MOISTURIZE! You have to rehydrate that skin. DON'T SKIP THE MOISTURIZER. You would think this would be a given..... BUT in my experience it's a necessary reminder lol. Now, we all know there are many moisturizers that all work really well, so it pretty much comes down to what you personally like best. I am super frugal so cost efficiency is a priority for me. I love the Neutrogena hydra boost. It works great and doesn't break the bank. Olay Regenerist is great as well. If you are balling and down to spend $68 on moisturizer, Tatcha is a really nice option. For me, I am always looking for something that rehydrates my skin without leaving me too oily or too sticky. Being that I am going to apply makeup afterwards, I definitely need a smooth efficient finish.

I really hope these steps help you figure out what is best for your skin and gives you a good plan to follow. If you wanna glow right, order matters! So make sure you are using your products in the right order so that you can see the best results. Stay tuned for my next post of tips and tricks and product faves!


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