"I love me enough to make sure I'm never left out"

Ugh 70 and sunny is EXACTLY how I want to start my day. However, that's literally happening outside and completely has nothing to do with me. The last week the weather has been impeccable, and for a seasonal depressionist (don't look it up, definitely my made up word of the day) like myself, great weather means great moods! That's an amazing feeling, right? Well Is it healthy for my mood to be fully dependent on the weather? Totally not! Especially because the weather is not constant. I can't always depend on the weather. You know what I can depend on? Myself! Last night I was checking in with myself and one of the questions that came up was, "How are you going to show up for yourself every day to ensure you start your day well?" Now, I know It sounds like a "Self Affirming Morning Journal Prompt" type of a question. However, it's really a good one. We have so many factors in our days that are out of our control, so it really becomes our responsibility to show up for ourselves. Most of us don't show up for ourselves almost ever. It’s hard. Being a spouse, being an employee, being a mom, being a daughter it all comes first. Very rarely are we an individual. You ask people who are you, and their first response is always who they are to everyone else and never who they are for themselves.

So we know that we need to be present and all this good stuff, but what does that mean? What does it mean to show up? Showing up for yourself is simply a 2 part action. Part 1 is being mentally and emotionally in tune with you as an individual and what you need. Part 2 is acting on what you need and being physically proactive. I know that I need and want to restore the healthy lifestyle that I am familiar with. Covid life and pandemic pandemonium snatched a lot of that from me and I am reclaiming that in my life. I'm completely overwhelmed by my restart because I am starting in a place that I am unfamiliar with. I have gotten back on the horse, so to speak, many times. However, I was never coming from this place of being so out of touch. It scares me when I think about restarting. But I knew that I really wanted to show up for myself. For me that means starting small but being consistent. This morning I took a slow and comfortable 15 minutes to wake up. I got up, opened the blinds and brushed my teeth and did all that good stuff, and then I stretched for 10 minutes. Set my alarm and everything. I tended to all the plants upstairs, loved on the puppy, and gathered anything that needed to go down with me. I opened the rest of the blinds, turned my water on to make tea, set up my infused water for the day, and made breakfast. That simple routine of stretching, getting up and moving, letting air and light flow through the house and my body, really sets my intentions for the day. I'm going to be in a good space, I'm going to receive love and light. I am blessed and I am full. Stretching is helpful because my muscles are preparing to be used throughout the day. It's giving them a wake up. I want to add workouts into my daily routine and I noticed that I am really tight. So that small stretching every morning is helping get my muscles ready for that.

All this lovely morning affirming goodness doesn't necessarily mean that nothing is going to throw me off throughout the day, but it's me telling myself that at least we're going to start right. I am going to do a similar thing in the evenings to really end my day well. I believe in this idea of completion and coming full circle. So if I start well and end well, it will create a feeling of fulfillment. In the past, I have tried this and then been able to make excuses why I had to skip the routine one day or one week. I really want to avoid the excuses this time. I want to show up for myself. The same way I show up for work, for my clients, for my friends, my family, etc. If I can be present for them, I can be present for me. I deserve it just as much. You deserve it, to accomplish those goals, and feel pride in yourself. Take a look at how you're being present for yourself in your day to day. If you can identify the ways you show up, then CONGRATS you're a badass and I am so proud of you! If you are like me and realize maybe you aren't as present for yourself as you could be, then this is the perfect chance to start! No shame, no excuses, just start. I'm telling you, it'll be one of the best things you can do for yourself. DO IT on those days you don't feel like it, DO IT on those days you have to wake up earlier, DO IT on those days when everyone is getting on your nerves, DO IT on those days you're anxious and unsure. It will shift the way those things impact your day to day. Everyday won't feel amazing, but it will create consistency, it'll teach you good habits, it'll remind yourself that "I love me enough to make sure I am never left out!" Show up and show out. You got this babe! We're all rooting for you!


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