Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Boss Babe?

Being a "Boss Babe" is such a trendy idea right now amongst millennials. I say idea, because I often hear people talking about wanting to run their own businesses and work for themselves and their reasons are always comical.

"I would get to wake up whenever I want"

"I don't have to get dressed for work"

"I can be close to the fridge and eat whenever I want"

"no one can tell me what to do"

"I can start and stop whenever I feel like it"

"I can go to brunch during the day without having to call out."

While these are all great perks to being your own boss, theres a little more to this world of self-employment than that. You absolutely can wake up whenever you want, but if you sleep until noon, eat something, get settled, and then don't get started actually working until 2 in the afternoon you've wasted most of the day, your productivity level is way lower than if you would have started sooner, on average your friends are going to get off work between 5 and 6, and you haven't accomplished much. Also, if you are lazy with your work and your requirements of yourself, you're going to be lazy with your business. You absolutely don't have to get dressed for work, however that doesn't mean you should never own any decent or business casual clothes again. You never know who you are going to run into when you're out making that post office run, and depending on what you do, you're ability to convince someone that you are a professional is 50% based on how you come across when they meet you. When you work for a company, typically you're not responsible for personally attracting clients. However, when you work for yourself, especially work from home businesses, it is all up to you to make believe that they want to spend their money with you. That means your appearance has to say, "trust me I know what I'm doing". So while it is great to be able to choose pjs as workwear at times, don't retire those slacks and that blazer just yet.

Working from home is a gift and a curse. There is far less physical activity involved if you can spend your entire day sitting at a desk in your living room. You don't take nearly as many steps as someone who ventures out of the house for work. You don't have to got through the parking lot to get to your building, you're not walking around an office, or even as likely to get out to go to the gym. Therefore, being close to the kitchen may not be the best if you're sweet tooth or cravings can get the best of you. Being your own boss also doesn't mean that no one else can tell you what to do. Your clients really dictate your schedule, work load, and projects. If you only do the orders and projects that are the most fun to you, you may end up turning down way more money than you are making. Furthermore there not be anyone you directly report to, but that also means less access to someone to bounce ideas off of, no one to encourage you when you're struggling with a tough project, no one that has done the exact job you are doing and can give you tips and tricks, and more importantly no one to take the blame if you mess something up. (and trust me, you WILL mess something up) Sure you can start and stop whenever you want, but is that really productive? Also, let's be honest, you don't want to get in the habit of going out for brunch everyday when that is just going to leave you always spending money and way to groggy and sleepy from being full to have a productive work day. Being your own boss means taking any heat from a dissatisfied customer, eating production costs if something goes wrong, running all correspondence and communication. If you're sick but it's your clients wedding day, theres not usually a backup that can cover for you. If you're kids are having a bad day, you have to juggle them both. It also means being responsible for packaging, marketing, shipping, controlling your websites, running social media, making branding decisions, and funding this whole operation (especially if you're in the startup phase).

Now while there are so many elements that aren't so glamorous, there are some perks. There is a sociological, emotional, and mental benefit to doing what you love professionally and having full control over it. It can be extremely fulfilling to run your own business. Seeing your vision come to fruition and knowing how much you slaved over the ideas and concepts allows every sale to feel like a personal victory. It really is always, a sale from the heart. That's your product that someone thought was awesome enough to spend their money on it. You get to decide whether or not to take that trip or attend that event and don't have to wait to get your time approved. You decide if you want days off and when they should be. If you never want to work another weekend, technically you don't have to. Networking with other "Boss Babes" is ALWAYS a plus. You get to take pride in saying you built a super fabulous company from nothing and that you succeeded in making it grow. You get to push yourself to limits you didn't know were possible, experience challenges that will make you stronger, and enjoy the professional growth and development of being a business owner.

Being a Boss Babe has been the hardest yet most rewarding task yet. I have cried, laughed, met some amazing people, reached new heights, accomplished goals, failed and won. There is never a dull moment. There are days I feel exhausted, creatively stuck, unsupported and so many more emotions, and yet I wouldn't trade this for the world. There are very realistic challenges that I have to be aware of, but I also get to enjoy the luxuries of running things. If you think you have what it takes, step out. Write that business plan, launch that product, create that website, do whatever you think is your first step and make it happen. Ultimately, only you get to decide if you are qualified to be running things. Do you have what it takes to be a "Boss Babe"?

"Every master was a beginner at some point."


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