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No one could have ever told me I would be earning 60k+ as a makeup artist...

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

I would NOT have believed them!

YA'LL! Let me tell you, I have been one busy bee lately. All up and down the highways working with clients all over. However, I love it. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I always had a dream of being a “Boss Babe”. My mom used to tell me when I was younger, that she had a feeling I would work for myself. While it’s my favorite career, and at this stage of life, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else... the journey was far from smooth. I spent my entire life as a performance artist. I was a competitive classical pianist for a decade, and I attended a performing arts school where I studied vocal music. When I graduated, it was the natural progression to go to a traditional 4 year university and I was studying to be a counselor. Both of my parents have related degrees and I always saw myself in the helping field. I was so ready. After being in school for 4 years, but still not feeling 100% connected to life, I wanted to try something new. While in college, I did makeup on the side. I started because I had this dying dream to be a painter, but I couldn’t draw. So that became my alternative to being a visual artist. I also loved the freedom to create and express myself with makeup. I decided I wanted to keep exploring the field professionally. I couldn’t afford to create and build my kit, and I had a serious case of imposter syndrome when it came to my abilities.

Post college life, I decided to pursue art school. I launched my first business as a creative and wanted to expand. Makeup connected me to the wedding industry where I found a love for calligraphy. I became a calligrapher and started making I wedding signs and decor. It was by far one of the hardest things I have ever done. I had no idea about running a business. I was nannying full time and always felt overwhelmed by the world of being a business owner. It scared me and often left me second guessing myself. While I had consistent orders, I was so uncomfortable pricing myself accordingly and in a way that yielded a true profit. So I was doing all this work for little payout. Something in me knew that I still wanted to be in this world, but I knew something had to change. I decided to really devote myself to figuring out how to be an amazing business owner. Each year the business did better, and better. I started selling paintings, expanded my calligraphy portfolio, and was doing makeup for weddings. I thought it was the coolest thing ever but I also felt like I still needed something else.

I had this bright idea to pack up and move about 2 hours away from home to Richmond. I decided on a Thursday, and a week later I was bringing all my stuff to a friends house in the city. I felt so much excitement for this new change. As soon as I got there, I knew this was the perfect decision for me. I got a job teaching art classes and another doing makeup for a local boudoir photographer. Within 2 months I was settled into an apartment and trying to add more and more work to my calendar. Fast forward a few months and the world is in disarray and panic because of COVID. All of a sudden my exciting work field has become non existent. For 4 months, I couldn’t do any makeup. However, that creative business came in handy. I started making tshirts. With a goal of selying 40, we ended up in a tshirt sweatshop in my living room. 500 shirts later, we survived lockdown. As soon as the world opened up, the makeup world REALLY OPENED UP. A year later I am in my home with my fiancé and our dog and running a flourishing business. No one could have ever told me I would be earning 60k+ as a makeup artist and living my absolute BEST life. I am so full and happy in this world I have created and every day I am looking forward to the next adventure. I'm expanding the business, adding employees, and celebrating every win with my favorite bottle of champagne! This little girl who was so unsure of life is more than sure now and I am so grateful and blessed to be truly living the life I've always dreamed of.

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